Wherever the leak is in the swimming pool environment, the equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit finds it accurately. We don’t start a leak detection with a wetsuit and flippers. We literally Just Drop the Mic in the Pool! LeakTronics swimming pool leak detection equipment has proprietary technology designed specifically for the swimming pool industry and doesn’t rely on outdated methods to find the precise areas where leak occur.

The heart of all LeakTronics kits, including the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, is the LT-1000 Amplifier. LeakTronics research and development team has engineered this phantom powered device to deliver highly sensitive listening capabilities and works to power all the listening technologies you’ll find in the Pro Complete Kit.

We start leak detections with a full pool, clear water and the equipment turned off. The weight of the water in the pool pushing out of a crack, leak, pipe separation, pinhole or crevasse makes a noise. The whooshing sound resembles that of a freight train, and when you have the Pool Scope hydrophone near it, it’s loud! The closer the user is to leak, the louder it gets This lets the user hone in on the precise location of leaks. Effective, non-invasive leak detections are how professionals find customers leaks.

The Pool Scope hydrophone is the first go-to piece of equipment for finding leaks. It’s the number one tool in the Pro Complete Kit for finding leaks. It’s 20 foot industrial cable, weighted head and multi-use functionality is used to listen for leaks on drains, at lights and skimmer throats, in skimmer buckets and at side suctions, along structural cracks, tile lines and cold joints. We use it to listen through pool and spa walls and with it, you’ll identify most of the leaks in a pool in short time.

The Pipe Mic, a smaller hydrophone, lets technicians listen inside return lines, skimmer ports and slot drains where space is smaller but leaks still occur. It’s equally as powerful as the PoolScope but offers more maneuverability in tighter areas of the pool environment.

When it comes to sub-surface listening, the Pro Complete Kit includes a DeckPlate with a flat surface area that listens up to 5 feet underground for the sounds of leaks. We use the DeckPlate on concrete, brick and coping, on patios and decks and solid surface areas including hard dirt.

The Soil Probe is a multi-functional and versatile piece of equipment that lets the user listen through soil, landscaping, aggregate and soft surfaces. The Soil Probe is ergonomically designed to let the user listen without bending and stooping to hone in on areas where pipes and plumbing run underground.

The kit also includes a pressure rig for pressure testing and injecting air and water into pipes. When an isolated pipe has proven to be losing pressure, by injecting air and water into the line, technicians produce the boiling sound of a leak. With the Deck Plate and Soil Probe, technicians accurately find those leaks and know where to dig to make repairs. It reduces the otherwise invasive digging to find a leak in a buried line.