Wherever the leak is on the your property, a technician going to find it accurately with LeakTronics Plumbing Leak Detection Kit!

The heart of all LeakTronics kits, including the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, is the LT-1000 AmplifierLeakTronics research and development team has engineered this phantom powered device to deliver highly sensitive listening capabilities and works to power all the listening technologies you’ll find in the Plumbers Kit.

We start our leak detection at the meter. If we can see the meter spinning, we’re confident water is moving through the house. It is important to have all devices off in the house. No running water, no running toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, showers or sinks. Turn everything off in the house. If the meter is still spinning, it’s virtually guaranteed there is no leak. Then, we shut the water main into the house. If the meter is still spinning, a leak is between the meter and the house – though a leak may still exist in the house itself. If it’s not – we have a leak further back on the property, in the house. This is where the listening equipment in the Plumbers Kit takes the stage.

The Soil/Pipe Probe is the go-to piece of gear in the Plumbers Kit. It is used to listen along plumbing lines around the house, under grass, landscaping and aggregate, soil and soft areas. With it’s sensitive tip, it breaks the surface and reduces handling noise from grass or landscapes and lets the user hone in on the sound of a leaking pipe. It also uses a 3 inch listening disc and a magnetic disc to listen on pipes or on solid surfaces.

The DeckPlate offers a wide and sensitive listening surface that is used on concrete, brick, stone, wooden floors and raised foundations, tile and solid slab foundations. When the sound of a leak is buried under a hard or solid surface, this is the piece of equipment that will get you right on top of it and will listen up to 5 feet or more for the sound underground.

The Soft-Sided Listening Disc is like having a gentle stethoscope in your hand. Avoid causing damage, scratch marks or scuff marks when listening behind tile, cabinetry or wood or delicate surfaces. The Soft-Sided Listening Disc packs the power of the DeckPlate, but offers worry free contact when touching areas you don’t want to damage, but still want to listen through.

Also in the Plumbers Kit is a pressure rig and pressure drop test gauge. When you pressure test pipes, or inject air and water into a pipe to create a boiling sound at the leak, this equipment will hold that pressure and deliver accurate results. We use the Soil Probe or DeckPlate to find where the leak sounds are emanating from when using the Pressure Rig to create the sounds of those leaks.